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Transform Accounting  – the accountants for small business, are now offering the option of cloud based on line accounting systems to our existing and future clients.

Transform Accounting have a wide variety of clients who require different things from their accountants;
– A sole trader or an individual with rental properties may require once a year assistance with tax planning, tax return preparation and HMRC filing.
– A contractor or consultant with a vat registered limited company in addition to the requirements of a sole trader will also usually require book keeping, payroll, quarterly vat returns, statutory accounts filing and advice regarding dividend payments and keeping tax bills to a minimum.
– Other clients require Transform Accounting to take over their back office functions entirely to provide services including invoicing, credit control, accounts payable and cashbook management in addition to those services provided for contractor/consultant limited companies.
– Small business owners of all types will often also require regular management accounts, tax position updates and profitability analyses.

In order to satisfy these clients, Transform Accounting have assessed the various cloud based accounting systems available in the UK and after a successful pilot have chosen Xero accounting as their preferred cloud accounting partner.

Transform Accounting will now be offering the option of cloud based on line accounting systems to our existing and future clients.Both partners of Transform Accounting have recently earned Certified Advisor status from Xero accounting.

We will publish more details in later posts, but if the idea of being able to share access to your company accounts by either a web browser, ipad, iphone or android phone app appeals then this could be ideal for you.

Other great benefits can include ;

– using your phone or tablet to take a photograph of invoices/receipts and have it immediately sent to your accountant for processing
– raising expense claims on your phone or tablet,
– raising invoices on your phone or tablet
– having access to your most up to date accounts allowing you to immediately see how your business is performing.

As a measure of confidence in Xero, Transform Accounting Ltd have already moved their own company accounts to this platform and have started to migrate existing customers and new clients alike and all have been delighted with the results.

If you would like to know any more about how cloud based accounting could help your business, or if your old accountant does not offer this option, please get in touch with Transform Accounting.

Transform Accounting are Chartered Management Accountants and Tax Technicians able to assist with personal tax returns, sole traders and company payroll whilst specialising in limited companies, consultants, contractors and business start-ups. Fixed fee packages are available as are free initial consultations. Customer references are available on request.

See www.transformaccounting.co.uk or contact by telephone on 01277 365447 or by e mail at info@transformaccounting.co.uk

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Top 10 Finance Books – Crime, corruption and incompetence

No9 – Breakfast with Anglo – Simon Kelly

We all love a top 10 list.

When it comes to finance, books come in three distinct categories.

Accounting Text books – avoid like the plague!

Firstly the long, often dry and tedious text books that sometimes have to be studied to gain professional qualifications – I would advise steering well clear of these and leaving them to the accountants and lawyers who have to study them!

Personal Finance Self Help Books

Secondly, there are the personal finance self help type books that try to teach you something as quickly as possible – there are many of these but if in doubt, the dummies books are always a good place to start.

The Exposé

And finally there are my favourite category – the exposé – a book that relies on research and investigative journalism to give you the inside story. This is where the crime, corruption and incompetence comes in, with a little greed thrown in for good measure.
Read on for the countdown from number 10 to number 1.

Recommendation No9 – Breakfast with Anglo – Simon Kelly

Many UK and US readers may not be familiar with Anglo Irish bank, but in Ireland during the late 90s and 2000’s, Anglo Irish bank were the favourite of Irish property developers – borrowing short term on global markets, and lending long term to highly geared local property developers with very little collateral and lots of debt.

Simon Kelly and his father were two or Dublin’s leading property developers during the property boom, getting rich very quickly on huge borrowings finances by Anglo Irish bank. Breakfast With Anglo gives us the inside story on just how Irish property developers operated during the boom, their relationships with the banks that made it all possible, and finally what it was like to be an Irish property developer when the bubble finally burst resulting in the Irish government taking the decision for their tax payers to bail out the bankrupt Irish banks.
A highly recommended read if you want to understand just what has caused the enforced austerity in Ireland.

“Simon Kelly’s involvement in property development began when, as a computer-mad child in the 1980s, he started making spread sheets for his father, the developer Paddy Kelly. By 2008, when the Irish property market crashed, Simon and Paddy owed their creditors nearly a billion euro. In 2009, they were the first big developers to admit they were bust – and they encouraged their fellow developers to face reality in the same way. In 2010, in the pages of a national newspaper, Simon Kelly apologised for his part in the long-term damage created by the property bubble.

Until now, the story of Ireland’s property boom and bust has been told only by people on the outside. The bankers and the developers have kept quiet. Now, Simon Kelly breaks the silence with this vivid and unsparing account of how it all worked and why it went sour. He brings us to the muddy fields, humble cafés and grand dining rooms where the deals were made; he explains how it was that debt always begat more debt; and he takes us through the hitherto opaque portals of Anglo Irish Bank, the Kelly’s main lender.

In an account packed with telling and indiscreet detail, Simon Kelly makes no excuses for ending up bust. He simply shows how it happened – to him, to other developers, to the banks, and to the country. In doing so, he courageously breaks ranks with the insiders who created this disaster, and who would prefer to blame ‘international forces’, bad luck, or one another. Breakfast with Anglo is a landmark in our national accounting of the present crisis, an essential read for anyone who wants to know how we got into this mess and how we might begin to think about getting out of it.”

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6 Ways to save money on Apple Products

Part 2 – Apple Education Store

For those who love becoming the owner of a new piece of technology, nothing really competes with a new purchase from Apple.

Be it an iPhone, iPod or a shiny new iMac, all are objects of desire with just one snag – the price. Apple products are notoriously expensive, although their millions of fans feel they get value for money in the long run even if it is very painful at the time of purchase.

If you try shopping around, there are usually very retailers who will discount any Apple product, but there are a few ways that can save some money when it comes time to treat yourself.
Here is the second in a series of six ways to save money when making your Apple purchase. Be sure to check back for the rest of the series.

2 – Student Discounts

Apple have always offered discounts to Students and teachers through their Apple Education Store

These vary according to product but are usually at least 10%.

Apple’s definition of a student can include both University students and school children and as with the refurbished machines, these need to be ordered from the on line Apple store.

Apple doesn’t seem to be especially rigorous about checking up that the machine is being purchased for a student so there is no need to get letters from schools or universities or to send any documents.

Here is the link for the UK Apple education store.


Good Luck! Once I have posted all 6 tips, add a comment and let me know if there are any other ways to save on Apple products that I have missed.

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The UK tax year ended on 5th April and HMRC are now in full swing sorting out who has paid too much tax, and who has paid too little, sending out either a rebate or a tax demand

Don’t panic! 2 in 3 chance that the brown envelope will bear good news

This week, about 1.5 million people will get a tax demand through the post averaging £537

3 ½ million will get a rebate averaging £380

If your letter bears good news, HMRC say they will get the rebate to you within 30 days or after the next payday if it is to be included in your tax code for PAYE employees.

If the news isn’t so good and HMRC have presented you with a big demand, it may be too much to pay through this years tax codes. Don’t ignore it, speak to the HMRC and they will usually agree to give you the time that you need to settle the bill.

The taxman claims that 98% of the tax codes that they issue are right, provided they are provided the right information on time.

If that is the case, a question that many ask – If the tax man gets our P45s and P60’s – then why this discrepancy at the end of the year?

If you just have a single job or pension during the year, then your tax should be about right and there shouldn’t be any more to pay and the tax system will usually keep up.

However, if you have more than one job or move jobs during the year, then the tax system just doesn’t keep up.

HMRC are working with employers to develop a new system called “Real Time Information” which is being piloted now and comes into full force in April 2014. If it works as planned, then the in year changes in peoples employment gets factored in at HMRC much sooner so that this catch up exercise doesn’t need to happen.

But this wont come be fully working until 2015, so we have three more years of waiting for the little brown envelope to drop through your letterbox.

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