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Apple Mac and Viruses – Should you be worried?

For those of us used to working on personal computers running any of the windows operating systems, anti-virus software has been a normal part of our computing experience.

I’m a PC … I’m a MAC

A trip to PC World or similar to purchase a new PC will always involve the discussion about which antivirus software you are going to employ – be in Norton, Symantec or Kapersky.
Once you have the software installed, there are the regular updates to the software and routine scans to make sure all is as it should be and to protect you from the hundreds of thousands of potential viruses out there.

But for those of us who have made the switch to Macs, viruses for the last 10 years have seemed like a thing of the past, that are only relevant for windows users.

You may have seen the “I’m a PC”, “I’m a Mac” television adverts where the PC is portrayed as suffering from a flu like virus, whilst the Mac is a picture of health – giving us the impression of invulnerability for Apple.


Why are there more viruses for PC than Mac?

There has been much debate regarding why there have been so few viruses for Macs whilst there have been so many for PC and these reasons can be grouped into three main areas.


The OSX Apple operating system is inherently much more efficient and has fewer weaknesses that can be exploited by computer viruses when compared to the windows operating systems.
However, the introduction of Windows 7 has resulted in a Microsoft operating system that is enormously improved from the previous versions and far harder to exploit.


The number of machines – It is only recently that Apple have gained approx. 10% of the market share for PC’s and laptops.
In the past, this share has been much smaller.
For the writers of viruses, if you are writing a virus to attempt to make financial gain, then there is much more sense to write if for the machines that most people are using rather than that used by a minority..


Many of the most malicious computer hackers and authors of computer viruses have always carried on a vendetta against the big dominant companies in the computer world.
Number one in their list has always been Microsoft whilst Apple was the “cool” alternative company. Now that Apple has overtaken Microsoft to be the dominant computer and electronics manufacturer, they could be targeted equally.

You can get a virus on your Mac

In recent times, the first few successful viruses for Apple Macs have started to increase in scale and impact. 
A vulnerability in Java was exploited in 2012 to infect 650,000 Apple Mac computers with a virus called “Trojan”.
Apple were quick to plug the flaw in their OSX operating system but this was a wake up call to users of Apple computers.

The future looks like it will involve Apple Mac users requiring the use of anti-virus software in the same way as for PC.

To put this into perspective, the risk of virus infection for Apple Mac users is considerably less than that for PC users ( not running anti-virus software ), but the risk is not zero as many believe.

How can I protect my Mac?

If the contents of your Apple Mac is precious to you, or you store personal or sensitive business data on your Mac, then now may be the time to invest in anti-virus software for you Mac.

Transform Accounting recommend Kapersky for either PC or Mac. Here is the link to their Mac anti-virus software.


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6 Ways to save money on Apple Products

Part 2 – Apple Education Store

For those who love becoming the owner of a new piece of technology, nothing really competes with a new purchase from Apple.

Be it an iPhone, iPod or a shiny new iMac, all are objects of desire with just one snag – the price. Apple products are notoriously expensive, although their millions of fans feel they get value for money in the long run even if it is very painful at the time of purchase.

If you try shopping around, there are usually very retailers who will discount any Apple product, but there are a few ways that can save some money when it comes time to treat yourself.
Here is the second in a series of six ways to save money when making your Apple purchase. Be sure to check back for the rest of the series.

2 – Student Discounts

Apple have always offered discounts to Students and teachers through their Apple Education Store

These vary according to product but are usually at least 10%.

Apple’s definition of a student can include both University students and school children and as with the refurbished machines, these need to be ordered from the on line Apple store.

Apple doesn’t seem to be especially rigorous about checking up that the machine is being purchased for a student so there is no need to get letters from schools or universities or to send any documents.

Here is the link for the UK Apple education store.


Good Luck! Once I have posted all 6 tips, add a comment and let me know if there are any other ways to save on Apple products that I have missed.

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