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When a UK business makes sales to overseas customers, it can be a little confusing at first when deciding how to treat VAT.  Here are a few tips for preparing invoices for export sales of services from a UK supplier’s perspective. Be sure to check out our other guide for how to invoice for goods which are slightly different.

The following applies to a UK trader who is VAT registered.

  • If the customer is in a country within the European Union, then the invoice should not contain VAT as the sale is considered to be zero rated. Note: Unlike the supply of goods, for the supply of services to be zero rated, the customer must merely be a business and does not have to be a VAT registered business.
  • If the customer is in the European Union and is not a business ( ie – is a consumer), then the sales invoice should be prepared including VAT
  • If the customer is outside the European Union, the invoice should be treated as zero rated regardless of whether the customer is either a business or a consumer. The customers VAT number is not required.

There are a few other items which are also important when preparing documentation for exports;

  • The basic rule for establishing where a services transaction is deemed to have taken place is usually the location of the customer.
  • Zero rated VAT is later dealt with on the UK suppliers VAT return using the reverse charge mechanism.
  • All of the above applies only to UK companies who are VAT registered.
  • Sole Traders who are not VAT registered must not charge VAT under any circumstances.

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